Cheat Sheet for “A Show Rule” & Class/Medal Qualifications for 2021 Championship Show


Here’s the info all in one place for quick reference!


IF riders and/or horses also compete on the “A” circuit, they must meet ONE of the following two conditions in order to compete at the championship show.

have competed in at least THREE (3) GSDHJA recognized shows during the current show season OR

have competed in an EQUAL number of GSDHJA recognized county shows than “A” circuit shows.

*Riders must meet this requirement in order to compete in any equitation class, medal finals, and/or classes that year end points are assigned to the rider (walk trot through green rider).


Rider, owner and trainer must be current GSDHJA members to be eligible for ANY class at the GSDHJA Championship Show.

Trainers must submit a list of riders competing that are in violation of the “A” Show Rule to prior to competing.

2’9” and Under Classes

You are allowed to compete if you have earned 1 point in that division, however you will not be eligible for year-end awards.

GSDHJA Stirrup Cup Medal, Green Rider Medal, Mini Medal, Child/Adult Medal

Rider must be otherwise eligible for that medal and have earned 1 point in the respective GSDHJA Medal Class they are entering for Finals during the 2021 Season. Rider, Owner and Trainer must be current GSDHJA members.

All Jr/Am divisions 3ʹ & above and All Professional Classes

Open to any horses that are otherwise eligible for that division and have at least 1 point in ANY GSDHJA division throughout the 2021 season prior to the show. However, horse or rider may only be eligible for a 2021 year-end award if they have accumulated at least 1 point in that specific division prior to the 2021 Championship Show.

GSDHJA Flat Medal, Adult Medal, 3ʹ Medal, 3’3” Jr/Am Medal

Rider must be otherwise eligible for that medal and have earned 1 point in ANY class at a 2021 GSDHJA rated show.