Next Day Signups and Real Time Rider Schedules


Once again this year we will have next day online signups for trainers and real time schedules during the day for everyone. Both are accessible via the Champ Show menu.

Next Day Signups (for trainers)

Starting Wednesday around 6pm (and every day thereafter), next day signups will be active. You’ll have to register once (it’ll take 20 seconds) supplying your name and mobile number (so the back gate can bug you when you don’t show up). Pay attention to ring conflicts. We spend a lot of time trying to make the rider slot times as accurate as possible.

Rider Schedules (for everyone)

Starting the night before and during the day, you can see a real time schedule of class times and individual rider times. We try to update this schedule every couple of hours during the day. Check this schedule often during the day because things go wrong and schedules slip or get ahead. And do remember to also check the back ring as the schedule isn’t guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Have a fun and safe Champ Show everyone!