Los Vegas Affiliate Nominations for GSDHJA Competitors


Exciting Opportunity for GSDHJA Competitors!

GSDHJA will accept applications for the affiliate divisions that are being offered at the USHJA Championships in Las Vegas in November. If you would like to be considered for a nomination letter to compete in Las Vegas Nov. 16-21, 2021, please send a request listing all divisions you wish to be considered for to chestnuthillec@aol.com.
Schedule, divisions offered, and specs can be found at


Please specify: 2’ Hunters, 2’6” Hunters, Eq 14 & Under 2’, Eq 15-17 2’6”, .70m Jumpers Child or Adult, .80m Jumpers Child or Adult, .90m Jumpers Child or Adult.

If multiple requests are received for the same divisions, priority will be based on current point standings for the similar GSDHJA divisions.

Nominations must be made online by Sept 27th, and must include a letter from GSDHJA, so please submit your request for consideration no later than Thursday Sept. 23rd.


All expenses must be paid by the exhibitor.

Thank you!
The GSDHJA Board