Show Schedule

Please note that this schedule changes frequently. Always refer to this web page for the latest up to date information.

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Note that both the GSDHJA Championship and Wine County shows are double pointed.

Schedule for the 2024 Show Year
Date Series Location
Oct 15 (2023) Showcase Redlands
Nov 11-12 (2023) SCHC Vista
Dec 3 (2023) Getaway Show Series Copper Meadows in Ramona
Dec 7-10 (2023) SCHC Del Mar Horsepark
Feb 25 Getaway Show Series Copper Meadows in Ramona
Feb 24-25 SCHC Vista
Mar 1-3 Premier Show Series Lakeside
Mar 10 ECHO Lakeside
Mar 16-17 SCHC Vista
Mar 24 Showcase Redlands
Mar 24 Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
Apr 5-7 Premier Show Series Lakeside
Apr 6-7 SCHC Vista
Apr 13 Getaway Show Series Copper Meadows in Ramona
Apr 14 Sunnyside Saddle Club Bonita
Apr 19-21 SCHC Del Mar Horsepark
Apr 28 Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
May 11 ECHO Lakeside
May 17-19 Premier Show Series Lakeside
May 19 Sunnyside Saddle Club Bonita
May 18-19 SCHC Vista
May 24-26 SCHC Del Mar Horsepark
Jun 2 Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
Jun 9 ECHO Lakeside
Jun 14-16 Premier Show Series Lakeside
Jun 22-23 SCHC Vista
Jul 20-21 SCHC Vista
Jul 26-28 SCHC Del Mar Horsepark
Jul 28 Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
Aug 4 Sunnyside Saddle Club Bonita
Aug 9-11 SCHC SJC Rancho Mission Viejo
Aug 11 Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
Aug 17-18 SCHC Vista
Aug 24 Rancho Riding Club Horse Show Rancho Santa Fe
Sep 8 Sunnyside Saddle Club Bonita
Sep 8 ECHO Lakeside
Sep 13-15 SCHC Del Mar Horsepark
Sept 22 Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
Sep 25-29 GSDHJA (Championship Show) Del Mar Fairgrounds

Schedule for the 2025 Show Year
Date Series Location
Nov 9-10 (2024) SCHC Vista
Nov 17 (2024) Sweetwater Show Series Bonita
Dec 12-15 (2024) SCHC Del Mar Horsepark

Show Contact Information
Contact: Amy Drinco
Phone: 619-518-7276
Getaway Show Series
Contact: Brenley Blalock
Phone: 704-989-4098
Contact: James Waldman
Phone: 760-533-5278
Contact: Gretchen Clark
Phone: 909-809-0131
Premier Show Series
Contact: Charlie Esau
Phone: 760-522-5393
Rancho Riding Club Horse Show
Contact: Trish Watlington
Phone: 619-322-8457
Contact: Lance Bennett
Phone: 760-525-8933
Contact: Gretchen Clark
Phone: 909-798-9479
Sunnyside Saddle Club
Contact: Richelle Farley
Phone: 619-500-4521
Sweetwater Show Series
Contact: Roberta Jackson
Phone: 619-252-0682
Victory at the Beach
Contact: Claudia Berglund
Phone: 714-401-9510
Contact: Lorilea Franklin
Phone: 760-329-7676