FAQ – Members

This page provide answer to questions members frequently ask.

Why aren’t my points showing up?

This is THE most common reason:

For points to count, the RIDER, HORSE OWNER, and TRAINER must all be GSDHJA members, at the time of the show.

The horse owner is the owner you specified when you entered the show. Likewise for trainer. And rider is your name (same spelling please as your GSDHJA membership record).

It is easy to see if any of these three are members. Just go to here and search for these names (use your browser search function if you don’t know the trainer name these members might be under). Remember that trainers names in RED are not yet members.

When will next year’s show schedule be up?

Give us until late November or early December to get the next year’s show schedule posted.

Do you have a prizelist for year end points for the different divisions?

Prizes are awarded at the yearly banquet held in mid January. The banquet program (which will be posted on this site when it is finished) will contain a list of prizes and awards.

A very special prize is awarded to all 1st place winners in any class at the year end championship show – a jacket embroidered with GSDHJA Show Champion.

At the year end banquet, all riders in the achievement divisions who accumulated enough points get a trophy. The top eight point getters in all other divisions get special ribbons, as well as a choice of a special prize – for instance in past years, first place recipients received a new personalized tack trunk, other places got photo blankets, bridles, gift certificates, etc.  All Medal division qualifiers get a medal.  Finally, there are trophies available for special divisions and awards as well.

How do I find a show entry form?

Typically, you enter shows via HorseShowtime. You can also ask each show manager, which are all listed at the end of this page.