Point Calculations

Select the type of show/class and then the number of entrants in the class to see how many points each placement receives.

Jumper Table

This table shows which Jumper classes are tracked by the GSDHJA for year end awards. Entries in  green  are tracked, entries in  red  do not accumulate GSDHJA points.

New Meter
Jump Height
Class Name
.6m 2'0" Achievement 0.6m Jumpers
Schooling Jumpers
.7m 2'3" Achievement 0.7m Jumpers
Schooling Jumpers
.7m - .8m 2'3" - 2'6" Pony Jumpers
.8m 2'6" Low CH/AA Jumpers
Schooling Jumpers
.85m - .95m 2'9"-3'0" CH/AA Jumpers
.9m 3'0" .9m Open Jumpers
Schooling Jumpers
1.0m 3'3" Modified Jr/Am Jumpers
1.0m Open Jumpers
1.1m 3'6" Jr/Am Jumpers
1.1m Open Jumpers
1.15m - 1.2m 3'9" - 4'0" 1.20 Open Jumpers
1.3m 4'3" 1.30 Open Jumpers