Year End Points Corrections/Inquiries


Below is a reminder about the deadlines for any point inquiries or corrections copied from the GSDHJA Rulebook.  Please submit any inquiries to before the cut off date as we must abide strictly to these deadlines in fairness to all competitors and don’t want to see anyone miss out on their well deserved points!
Deadline for submitting year end point corrections/inquiries are as follows:

JULY 1st – for all shows from the start of the season through May 30th.
SEPTEMBER 1st – for all shows from June 1st through August 30th.
OCTOBER 1st – for all shows from Sept 1st through Sept 30th.

Members have 10 days upon the posting of the Championship Show Results to submit corrections/inquiries regarding championship show points unless the Board of Directors elects to extend this date. After that time, THE POINTS WILL STAND.