Point Errors

Mistakes in the point list are usually caused by the following. Please read this to see if you can fix the mistakes on your own, or failing that, click here to contact us.

  1. I’m a junior and my points are ending up in the adult categories. In this case, we almost certainly don’t have your correct birthday in our database. Click here to update your own membership information including the correct birthday. Obviously, leave the birthday field blank on the initial verification form.
  2. The most common reason why points don’t show up is that a wrong horse owner was given when you registered for the show. Remember that for points to count in the horse categories (Pony Hunters, Low Children’s on up and all Jumpers), a CURRENT GSDHJA member must be the owner. In particular, a junior member’s parent is NOT a valid horse owner (unless they happen to be a member as well), so list the junior member as the horse owner if you own your own horse.
  3. Name mis-spellings are also very common. Our new point system tries very hard to detect and correct name mis-spellings (and it even uses a nickname database), but it isn’t clairvoyant. You can help by making sure you use the same name when entering a show as you used for your GSDHJA membership. If you are unsure what name we have for you on file, or want to change it, please click here to change it, and click here to see a list of all members sorted by trainer.

Finally, remember that while we do our best to have an accurate point list, it is your responsibility to make sure your own points are correct. Thank you and good luck competing!